Who am I?

I'm a R&D Managerat Vente Privée. Wow!

Ok... But... What does it mean?

Mmm.. It means that I am passionate of Innovation and new technologies: I'm pushing new technologies & run innovative projects in my team.

My team A/B test new features and PoCs to evalute their market impact. Moreover, My team supports VP Impulse Acceleration program at Station F to integrate startup solutions on VP products.

So, Why this website?

It is a place where you can find some links to know me better. If you want to reach me, simply write me an email (sartomiki_at_gmail_dot_com): I'm pretty sure that together we can change the world :)

My Pro Life

What I am doing at work (my portfolio is under construction!)

My Studies

What I studied

My Websites

What I did as personal projects

  • appunti.smiko.net is an italian/french website containing all my precedent works realized with Joomla
  • blog.smiko.net is my unused italian personal blog in Wordpress
  • bookache.paris is the official website of our Bookclub that i realized with Wordpress

My Digital Life


Some OFFs


Last Update: 08/05/2018